Three very popular types of wood floor

Everyone is aware of the fact that hardwood floors can add worth and attractiveness to your home and has a very long life. Yet, it gets very much difficult to choose one, when there are too many choices. It takes to much experience and knowledge to find out which type will be suitable for your home and according to the environment you are living in. this article will explain about three most popular types so that you can choose according to your own taste.

Environmentally Sound Bamboo

People are becoming more and more conscious about the environment these days Bamboo floors are becoming a very popular choice. Bamboo is a renewable resource and healthy for the environment and the use of new technologies have made sure that its surface is more flat and smooth than others. It is also easy to stain, and lends itself well to any décor imaginable. It can add and warm and homely sense in the surroundings. This is the best for those areas which have a very big rustic problem and to care for it you will not have to do a lot of things.

Teak Floors

This type of wood floor is best for big families, especially those with pets. People love to work with this type of floors because they are very easy to install and work can be done without any hassle. Teak also runs in shades from pale honey to dark reddish brown making it an excellent choice for almost any decor. There are many plantations in the world which are supplying teak to those manufacturers which are making this type of flooring. These plantations plant and harvest their own trees in order to save the older forests. While teak is still expensive these plantations make it more affordable than ever.

Parquet Flooring

This type of flooring is not just beautiful but it has many different designs to give your house a very stunning look.

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